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ABOUT Careve

Carolyn Wesolek ~

Carolyn grew up on Long Island in NY. She went to Kellenberg Memorial Catholic High School in Uniondale, NY and then graduated from Adelphi University in Garden City, NY with a BA double major in Environmental Science and Anthropology. She was a member of the high school equestrian club and competed on the Adelphi Intercollegiate Equestrian Team in jumping. After undergraduate school Carolyn began her travels around the country. She lived in Staunton, VA for a summer while working at Shenandoah Farm, an Akhal Teke stud farm. Then she lived in Corpus Christi, TX for 2 years while attending Texas A&M for graduate school. After graduate school, she moved to Decatur, AL where she worked her first ‘real’ job as an environmental engineer for the Champion Paper mill in Courtland. After Champion was bought by International paper, she accepted a job as an Environmental Engineer in Oregon at the Willamette Industries, Albany Paper Mill. Carolyn is an environmentally minded person who is proud to say that she practices environmental recycling at home and at work…:o)

Through these adventures around the country her love of horses has followed her. Carolyn bought her first horse, Crystal, an Irish thoroughbred, in Alabama and trained with Joane Friar, an accomplished FEI level rider. After moving to Oregon, she bought Rising Truth, affectionately known as Princess, and began her dressage training. She loves the preciseness and beauty of Dressage, but is known to pop over a fence or two occasionally. She is particularly well suited at retraining horses and teaching young horses proper manners. She also enjoys breeding young horses and playing with the babies. She is now learning the art of dressage at Marcy Davis-Chapman's Sport Horse Farm with Frisco, her FEI trained Swedish Warmblood schoolmaster. She enjoys learning as much about horses as she can.

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